Expedia Rewards

Rewards Jumper - Martin Agency

In Rewards Jumper, you pick to play as Molly Shannon or Michael Ian Black. At the time, they were spokes people for a campaign that involved grouping air, hotel, and car packages together. This grouping was visually represented in the commercials by pairing-up various translucent cubes.

The goal of the game is to leap on top of these cubes using simple left & right controls and get as high as possible. As you progress in the game, the cubes begin to show various travel locations.



I got about 30 minutes each with Michael and Molly to film the animations used in this game. Both of them were really friendly, nice people who went along with the ridiculous things I made them do with a smile. I found out that Michael Ian Black is very uncoordinated. We had some blocks set up to mimic the actions he would take when jumping into a convertible and we did a bunch of takes of him clumsily trying to pull off the jump before giving up. In the game, he just teleports into the car instead of getting into it.

Jiffy Lube
Anxiety Crusher- JWT

Take control of the Jiffy Lube Anxiety Crusher and conquer your automotive worries by crushing, ramming, slicing, and blowing-up your opponents. In this demolition derby-like game, use the Jiffy Lube garage to repair your truck and the Penzoil ramp to earn new weapons. In the bonus round, use the Bing API to search for a personal anxiety and crush it with your truck.

Anxiety Crusher by JWT


Clay Yourself - Y & R

Create a claymation version of yourself in the style of the Hotels.com character for a chance to star in the next hotels.com commercial. Other features on the site allow you to generate a stage name, create a vacation script, and share your character in the gallery. Users can invite their friends to vote for them. The most popular users win hotels.com prizes. Over 250,000 characters were created.


76 Gas
Honk or Not - VBP

In this driving simulation, we test your patience when confronted with various driving obstacles. Sometimes, you need to honk for the sake of safety, but more often than not, you have to use the patented 76 Honk Suppressor and resist the urge to act on your road rage. Kiosk versions were also created for events.


Meow Mix
Cat Capades - Agency.com

A short series of fun and easy cat games. Eat kibble, catch fish, chase the laser pointer, avoid annoying puppies, play with string, cause trouble in the kitchen, play with your toys, and purr all day.