The Chemical Bros.

Push the Button - Atlantic

Take control of a breakdancing space dude and battle against DJ Lizard, Rabbit Robots, and the Boxer to save your space girlfriend. All you have to do is "Push the Button" with the right timing and use your moves to go higher and higher.

This is an older game, but it's a personal favorite. I still remember hiring the breakdancer used in this game many years ago to dance around my living room in a Boba Fett costume. His head spins were pretty amazing.


Fall Out Boy Trail
FOB - Friends or Enemies

A parody of Oregon Trail. Pack up your tour van with the essentials (oxen, McNuggets, merch, etc) and follow the tour trail across America. Along the way you'll have to play shows, party with fans, cross dangerous rivers, and hunt for food.


Awol Nation
Claymation Game - Redbull Rec.

A game based on a music video done in claymation. Pick your favorite band member and battle your way through several worlds to save your girl.