Trophy Scars ~ Darkness, Oh Hell
"I'm a man that fucks with fire and I'm a man who sleeps with liars."

Trophy Scars is one of my all-time favorite bands. The girl featured in this design was the singer Jerry's ex-girlfriend. All the pictures of her used in this design came from me friending her on facebook and stealing her photos. She was creeped out and de-friended me after the cd came out. Some of the songs on the EP are about her. I'm pretty sure it took him forever to get over her, but it made for some good music.At the time Jerry was obsessed with Twin Peeks and some of the imagery from the show made it into the design.

^lauren ^

^tom waits makes a deal with the devil ^
^one-eyed jacks ^
^the one-armed man ^

Trophy Scars ~ Bad Luck

“Thank you all for everything I miss you all, goodnight.”

This is one of my all-time favorite albums. Each page is an illustration having to do with what's going on in the song. From doing design work for these guys I got to be friends with them. When they weren't being the flakiest dudes in the world, we had some good times in the city trying to meet "Sad girls."

^charms ^

^temperance ^
^andra plays the role of liz ^
^botanicas in the l.e.s. ^
^emily plays the role of anna-lucia^
^geneva and keys ^
^murder fucking city ^
^ben, goodbye ^


Lydia ~ This December...

“File down these streets, lined with fools and luxury."

This is another one of my all-time favorite albums. "Fools and Luxury" is going to be my wedding song some day. I got to hang out with these guys in New Mexico many, many years ago. I stayed at the drummer Loren's house and we drove through the desert on the way to one of their shows. I thought everyone in the band was a weirdo except for Loren. Happy to know these guys are still around making great music.

^pretty things ^

^me on the left ^
^gold ^