Norma Jean ~ Meridonal

“I'd scratch away the center. I'd bite it down to the blood”

I'm the dude in all of the designs here. I photoshopped my gut out and changed the levels to make me look all studly.

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^meridional ^
^rotten ^
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^colossal shitting elephant ^
^metal band found this page too violent ^
^so it got changed to this ^
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Atreyu ~ Congregation of the Damned

“Will the storm pass over us today or is the future looking gray?

Creepy zombie diary design.

^the cooler original version of the design ^

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^first signs ^
^the original version: the evil children's choir ^
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^she turned ^
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The Beautiful Mistake ~ This is Who You Are

“The summer storm brings the breaking news from the west horizon...”

This one's pretty old, but I like the way it turned out. I met these guys ages ago. We got a calzone together. It was ok.

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^lauren in my college bathroom ^
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